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06/24 - 06/25 2011

Sting 2011 - Rumours of War


Sting 2011 - Rumours of War

The first details about Sting 2011, dubbed 'The Greatest One Night Show On Earth, saw the light recently.

The motto of this years Sting is RUMOURS OF WAR! Showtime is December, 26th 2011 @ Jam World in Portmore, Jamaica.

Isaiah Laing of Supreme Promotions spoke with the Jamaica Star last week:

"Sting has always had a clash to make it Sting. Our best years at Sting we had clashes. The streets are asking for it. Last year, we tried the church thing and it did not work so we are going back to the real Sting, you can't teach an old dog new tricks," he said.

"This year, Sting is going to be like a 45 shoot-out, 45 minutes into every hour we want a clash, from 11:45 p.m. to 5:45 a.m., in the morning," said Heavy D, who was also feeling the war vibe.

The Jamaica Star also reports, that there is an exclusive Sting dancehall rhythm called Rumours Of War.
The rhythm is produced by Gaddafi and already features the likes of Merciless and Kip Rich, who are throwing early lyrical jabs at each the full article @ [10/6/2011]

And it looks like the first clash is set already with Tony Matterhorn vs. Twin of Twins

Matterhorn eager to 'kill' Twins at Sting [Jamaica Star 10/7/2011]