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Reggae Jam Festival in Jamaica Cancelled! New Date in December 2024


Reggae Jam Festival in Jamaica Cancelled! New Date in December 2024

The Reggae Jam Festival International in Jamaica, which was scheduled for June 14 & 15, 2024 will not take place. See below the official statement:

"Falmouth, Jamaica - Partners, in a statement released today, announced the difficult decision to postpone the upcoming reggae show due to inclement weather conditions at the park. With unfavorable weather conditions over the past two weeks and the forecast for the remaining week questionable, the safety challenges posed by the weather have made it impractical to proceed with the event within the limited time frame available.

After thorough evaluation, the team explored the possibility of relocating the event to the Falmouth Cruise Ship Pier. While initially considered a potential alternative, further assessment revealed that the Pier might fall short of the required criteria for the event.

The decision to postpone the show was made with careful consideration of the festival's core values and mission. The authentic cultural reggae experience, which is integral to the event, cannot be replicated at the pier. The festival's essence, centered around the message of unity and the preservation of reggae music, is crucial for bridging generational gaps and promoting community involvement. 

Our Partners remain committed to delivering a memorable and meaningful experience for attendees. As such, the festival will be rescheduled to ensure that the essence of reggae music and the message of unity are honored and celebrated. The decision to center the event around the messenger, Burning Spear, reflects the dedication to promoting cultural heritage and providing economic opportunities for the community.                                                                 
As we navigate these unexpected circumstances, we are deeply grateful for the continued support and understanding of our community. Your enthusiasm fuels our commitment to delivering a festival that exceeds expectations and celebrates the rich culture of Jamaica.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause and assure all ticket holders that their purchases remain valid for the rescheduled dates December 27-28, 2024.    

For those seeking refunds, please visit our official website for further instructions. Our Partners appreciate the understanding and support of all stakeholders and look forward to delivering an exceptional event in the near future."