Reggae Sumfest 2017 ADD

07/16 - 07/22 2017

Reggae Sumfest Partners with Flow for 25th Anniversary 2017


Reggae Sumfest Partners with Flow for 25th Anniversary 2017

Kingston, Jamaica –  FLOW, the Caribbean’s largest provider of telecommunications and entertainment services, has inked a sponsorship deal with DownSound Entertainment Ltd. (DSE), owners and producers of the revitalized 25th Annual Reggae Sumfest music festival, that will see the entities partnering to provide a live broadcast of the iconic event across its cable network and online. FLOW will be broadcasting the event in 10 countries across the region as well as via an online broadcast on FLOW’s website and Facebook page.

Under the agreement, FLOW will also provide the sophisticated network services needed to power “Jamaica’s Premier Music Festival” which takes place from July 16 – 22 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Stephen Miller, FLOW Sponsorship Manager shares a light moment with Josef ‘Joe’ Bogdanovich, partner in Downsound Entertainment Ltd. (DSE), owners and producers of Reggae Sumfest at FLOW’s Flagship store on Halfway Tree Road. FLOW has inked a deal with the promoter of the 25th staging of the annual Reggae Sumfest scheduled for July 16-22 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

This is a first for the region and it is indeed an honour for us to be partnering with DownSound Entertainment Ltd. on this, the 25th milestone anniversary staging of Reggae Sumfest. We further congratulate the team for the fantastic job it has done in re-engineering and repositioning this highly anticipated annual event as a valuable and globally attractive brand. We are delighted to share in this new legacy,” shared Stephen Miller, FLOW’s Sponsorship Manager.

This is also another trail-blazing example of the commitment we have made to use our technology to connect our customers with rich engaging activities and the content they love. For the first time, music lovers across the region will be able to view the show from the comfort of their homes via our FLOW 1 platform (Channel 100) as well as online whether via a computer or using a mobile device,” Miller explained.

FLOW will be offering a three-hour live broadcast from both Festival Night 1 Friday, July 21, which is being headlined by several renowned dancehall acts and Festival Night 2 Saturday, July 22, led by a bevy of international reggae superstars, via its cable network. The livestream which will be available at – – or – will offer an extended broadcast from the exciting events.

Our partnership with FLOW is an extension of our global mission at Downsound Entertainment to expand the phenomenal experience offered by Reggae Sumfest while showcasing the rich Jamaican culture to the world. We are very happy to welcome FLOW on board to bring the live action to hundreds of thousands of fans who may have never experienced ‘Sumfest’ before,” commented Josef ‘Joe’ Bogdanovich, partner in Downsound Entertainment Ltd., owners of the Reggae Sumfest Festival.  

We are aiming to reach more than 40 million viewers this year and this partnership with FLOW allows us to extend the local reach of the festival in a way that has never been done before,Bogdanovich added.
He further expressed delight that FLOW, through the broadcast, will also be supporting the promotion of several local, up-and-coming reggae acts who will be aiming to make an impression on the international community through their performances.

Our partnership deepens our support of a uniquely Jamaican cultural product and experience through this vibrant entertainment event that our customers know and love. It is also one of the ways we are making a contribution to the promotion and development of Brand Jamaica through this annual activity which has brought tremendous returns to the island over the past 25 years,Miller said in closing.

Starting in 2016, Downsound Entertainment Ltd. has revitalised the Reggae Sumfest Music festival in order to pay greater homage to the origins of reggae music and preserve its authenticity.