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David Rodigan vs. King Jammy's @ Reggae Jam 2017

03/20/2017 by UG

David Rodigan vs. King Jammy's @ Reggae Jam 2017

For the first time in Europe: David Rodigan meets King Jammy's in a Clash of Legends
@ Reggae Jam Festival | Main Stage - July 29th 2017

In Jamaican hypespeak we could call it a ballistic battle royal, an extravaganza that many would consider to be the cream of the crop of this year’s REGGAE JAM. And let’s face it, this is a match of two musical giants, an encounter that didn’t happen in Europe before. The ultimate big people clash that will commence an hour past midnight on the festival’s main stage: David Rodigan, the Reggae ambassador, certified sound killer, gentleman rude bwoy and by all accounts the hardest man fi dead, versus King Jammy’s, for decades Dancehall’s most dominant producer and a towering figure as a sound system ruler, who survived more epic battles and scooped up more trophies than any other soundman still alive. Bearing all this history in mind it would seem that King Jammy’s sound already existed in pre-Christian times – well, according to the secret Reggae scrolls at least since 1962, the year of Jamaica’s independence!

King Jammy’s, who will be supported by his son Jam 2, has already made it clear that he will not only drop dub plates, but also intends to mix dub live. Rodigan and the King are friends and mutual admirers since times immemorial, and the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for the depths of the other’s dub box is a profound one. So whatever happens, a set-up like this is likely to produce only winners!

Watch the official trailer with David Rodigan & King Jammy's here: