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Jallanzo - The Dub Wizard @ Kingston Dub Club 2024

05/05/2024 by Press Release

Jallanzo - The Dub Wizard @ Kingston Dub Club 2024

Jack of all trades flies into Jamaica with his wizarding cape. Dubbin’ It & Lovin’ It Dub Wizard Jallanzo coming home to sprinkle his magic along the skyline at Kingston Dub Club, 12 May 2024.

Anyone who’s been on the receiving end of Gabre Selassie’s direct instruction to “Come outta me yaad'' when the time is up at Kingston Dub Club, as Sunday’s Sunset Edition bleeds into Monday morning, and his braawta section has been extended, and extended, and sometimes extended once again, will have heard Jallanzo the Dub Wizard’s chillest tune, Celestial Dub. This is the secret weapon Gabre draws for to both amplify and soften his command and encourage stubborn stragglers to waft into whichever pocket of the celestial heavens will have them once Mr Selassie’s done hosting. 

Long before Celestial Dub would grace the ears of his latest fans, Jallanzo and Luke Dixon expanded the drum and bass duo Dubtonic Kru (Jubba & Stone were the original members). Jallanzo got his first taste of touring when the band left Jamaica to open for The Mighty Diamonds and Max Romeo among other legendary artistes. One particular composition took off at all the festivals: a rhythm that blended ‘Marijuana’ by Richie Spice with Chuck Fenda’s I Swear. In the words of Max Romeo, as they appear on Dubtonic Kru’s album, Jallanzo is a “musician extraordinaire. Guitarist, also singer, studio engineer, arranger and producer.” As many solidly established artistes within the Reggae and Dub worlds will attest, this Wizard hailing from St Catherine is jack of all trades, “all round, master at everything.” 

Jallanzo is already an established engineer and musician,Selassie confirms, “this time it’s about promoting him as a live mixer before he goes on tour to get his name established in that way.” It’s only right that Kingston Dub Club plays the lead role in showcasing Lanzo’s latest acquired talent. 

His connection with Gabre goes way back to the days before the latter opened his home to the tens of thousands of Reggae and Dub pilgrims who’ve passed through over the years, thirsty for the strictly roots musical alchemy that only KDC can distil. Lanzo sent his music to Gabre back when Gabre deejayed at various radio stations, ending with BESS FM. “Yeah”, Lanzo offers on how he came to add live dub mixing to his already brimming skillset, “you know seh it was Gabre who ask me if I know Tippy I Grade and tell me to take a look at the live dub mixing thing?” One glance later, and he’s never looked back. Instead, he’s forward thinking beyond the average musician, and that’s what makes this upcoming performance all the more exciting: “What I’m venturing into, it’s new to me,” he says, “The Dub Wizard, the costume. I’m still exploring new grounds.

It’s long overdue,Jallanzo adds regarding his upcoming session at Dub Club, Sunday May 12. He, Gabre, and regular KDC selecta (and recording artist in his own right) Danny Red will be joined by Reggae artistes Hempress Sativa, Xana Romeo, Micah Shemaiah and Jelliss - with more names to be added. 

Dat man de different,” emphasises Max Romeo, who featured Dubtonic Kru on his 2019 Put On A Iron Shirt tour. Having begun his self-educated musical journey by playing a drum kit made from upturned buckets and pans, Jallanzo suggests, “What I have over some people is I’m using ears to feel. I don’t study music, break it down intellectually.Jallanzo himself does not study music, and that’s one of several reasons all musicians and music fans should study him. Given that many Jamaican children don’t have access to music lessons or instruments, the role that Lanzo can play in inspiring another generation of Dub masters to emerge could be instrumental — no pun intended. 

Gabre will need to employ a large stick to shift the crowds once this man flies the rhythm, takes listeners on a journey, and then lands them wherever he chooses on the dancefloor - all whilst draped in his wizarding cape.