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Festiville 2022 - Reggaeville Festival Guide

06/18/2022 by Gardy Stein

Festiville 2022 - Reggaeville Festival Guide


Oh, what a joy to go out and link up with people again after two years of restricted meetings and online events! As countries learn to deal with the global pandemic, more and more places and locations open up for events, including our beloved summer festivals. That’s why, for the first time since 2019, we will have a printed edition of FESTIVILLE once more (available only at SummerJam in Cologne - July 1-3, 2022). Both versions, online and print, list 130 festivals all around the world. As always, we advise you to check our daily updated online FESTIVAL AGENDA for news and additional details.

While all artists are excited about being back on festival stages and able to deliver their music live, the return of Burning Spear is a special occasion that we honour with the cover feature. The veteran will be on his first real tour since 2010 this summer, including dates in Europe and the US, and Reggaeville managed to ask him a few questions about this and future undertakings. Other celebrities we spoke to in this issue are UB40 feat. Ali Campbell, who reveals details about the new album Unprecedented that features some of the last recordings of the late Astro; as well as Tanya Stephens, talking about her upcoming album Some Kinda Madness; and the famous producer Gussie Clarke. His interview gives you a little preview of our upcoming YouTube Interview Series Take Me Places

With a total of ten interviews, this FESTIVILLE is filled to the brim with exciting behind-the-scenes-stories about artists and their new albums, and the following are backed up with a review of the release in question: Clinton Fearon (Breaking News), Memoria (What Goes Around), Lion D (All In This Together), Omar Perry (Life), Samora (Chameleon) and The Movement (Always With Me). We’ll also have a look at the new releases Playing For Change Band (The Real Revolution), Mista Savona (Havana Meets Kingston 2) and L’Entourloop (La Clarté Dans La Confusion). Many artists have used the lockdown efficiently to create a wide variety of music, ready for your ears!

We gladly entrust this magazine to you now, hoping that you’ll enjoy the read. Also, we want to take the opportunity to thank you for every like, share and comment you left and continue to leave on our platforms – it is this interaction that carried us through the difficult times. Looking ahead, we see sunshine, live music and dancing people, and we fervently hope that one day soon this becomes the normality all over the globe, be it in Ethiopia, Yemen, Myanmar, or the Ukraine. It’s up to ALL OF US to make this summer a summer of peace, unity and understanding!