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Photos, Videos, Setlists: Ziggy Marley in Europe 7/2011


Photos, Videos, Setlists: Ziggy Marley in Europe 7/2011

Ziggy Marley is currently on tour in Europe in support of his new album Wild and Free. check the rest of the date HERE.


We have covered the shows in Cologne, Paris and Darmstadt. Find the photos, setlists and videos below:


Sunday, July 3rd - SummerJam in Cologne, Germany


VIDEO: Personal Revolution

01. Forward To Love
02. Make Some Music
03. Personal Revolution
04. Wild And Free
05. Tomorrow People
06. Conscious Party
07. Stir It Up
08. Justice
09. Reggae In My Head
10. Liveley Up Yourself
11. Black Cat
12. True To Myself
13. Changes
14. Is This Love
15. Love Is My Religion
16. Look Who's Dancing


Monday, July 4th - Paris, France @ La Cigale

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Tuesday, July 5th - Darmstadt, Germany @ Centralstation



01. Tomorrow People
02. Conscious Party
03. Forward To Love
04. Make Some Music
05. Pimpers Paradise
06. Personal Revolution
07. Be Free
08. Get Up Stand Up
- War/No More Trouble
- Get Up Stand Up
09. Still The Storms
10. Reggae In My Head
11. Black Cat
12. Is This Love
13. Love Is My Religion
14. Changes
15. Justice
16. Let Jah Will Be Done
17. True To Myself
18. Jammin
19. Look Who's Dancing feat. Beezy


After the show @ SummerJam our reporter Munchy sat down with Ziggy: