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If Only... A poem by Ziggy Marley #COP26


If Only... A poem by Ziggy Marley #COP26

The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 currently takes place in Glasgow, Scotland. 
Ziggy Marley sends a strong message via Instagram and a little poem. Real talk! 

Ziggy Marley: "Special dedication to all the fake leaders attending the @cop26uk climate summit in Europe. Sitting their in your suit and ties applauding young activists applauding yourselves for showing up pretending that this time will be any different than the last time and the times before that when you previously attended the same event and did nothing of significance to modify the policies that lend to the destruction of our habitat look where we are today worst than we were the last time you bunch of politicians met.

Hypocrites smiling to hide their lack of courage, compassion and commitment to do what it will take to protect countless communities from the devastation which is happening and which is to come because the most affected victims of this climate crisis wont be you or your families or your friends or your corporate interests but the poor and developing peoples of Earth who always feel the brunt of the “First World’s” greed for power and dominance. China and Russia didnt even pretend to care maybe they already know what we know none of them really care just another grand get together party drinking and eating mingling and shmoozing with like minded hypocrites and guess who’s right there shmoozing with them yup the lobbyist for the polluters themselves. oh fantastic. have a good time .

People our only hope is in ourselves our own actions their is no progress without sacrifice. 'many more will have to suffer many more will have to die don’t ask me why' "

If only.

If only the continuous and willful destruction of the planet's ecosystem
and our natural environment was a third world terrorist plot,
to destroy and annihilate modern civilized society,
and change life as we know it —the urgency,
the mobilization,
the conviction,
the implementation,
the mission,
the coalition,
the aggression,
the resources that would be brought to bear;
no convenience would be spared.
If only.