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Extra! Extra! Read All About It... #2 with Sean Paul, Ziggy Marley & Selah Marley

12/05/2016 by Gardy Stein

Extra! Extra! Read All About It... #2 with Sean Paul, Ziggy Marley & Selah Marley

The Unlikely And Incredible Return Of Sean Paul
You won't appear on the pages of the Forbes Magazine unless you are someone the world is talking about, I guess. Well, Sean Paul made it. His 2016 comeback is labelled as an "unlikely and incredible return" by author Hugh McIntyre, which is not very fair because the artist was never really gone. The article gives a nice overview about the most recent singles and collaborations Mr. Paul has released, making it an interesting read despite the fact that the word Reggae is missing (and, dear Hugh, Sean Paul is NOT a rapper!). The author closes with a prophecy: "The dancehall legend hasn’t yet announced a new album or a tour, but those revelations are most likely coming soon.". Won't that be a surprise?
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Selah Marley @ L'uomo Vogue Cover
"Music Royalty", author Fabia Di Drusco calls the girl on the cover of the most recent L'Uomo Vogue magazine, and he has all right to do so: the young beauty is Selah, daughter of Lauryn Hill and Marley-offspring Rohan. In time for her 18th birthday, the cover-story dedicated to her marks another success on the modelling journey she has started with Calvin Klein and Kanye West's label Yeezy. However, the fashion world will but remain a hobby for her: determined to study at New York University, the ambitious lady has a passion for astronomy, sociology and gender studies. She thus seems to have inherited not only the looks, but also the brains of her well-known parents and grandparents. The exceptional pictures taken by Cass Birds are a joy to watch, even if you have no command of the Italian language.
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Genre Guide: Dancehall’s Most Essential Riddims
We close with music: from Jammy's Sleng Teng over Bellyas in the late 90ies to the modern Fix Up by ZJ Liquid, author Preslav Lefterov presents a guide to Dancehall's most essential riddims. The fifteen examples of the genre he presents were chosen in cooperation with Dan Dabber and Pete Butta. It's a selection that in no way does justice to the extremely creative output of four decades, but it is a good start, especially because the article includes a short description of how Dancehall works. It might thus be a good read to interested freshmen – it certainly holds no surprises for inveterate Dancehall lovers, as the headline suggests: "As Drake and Rihanna bring dancehall back to the pop consciousness, we count down the most influential rhythms, from King Tubby to Vybz Kartel."

The Secret Marley Family Recipe for Killer Pancakes
Oh, and here is a special treat from yet another Marley: Ziggy and his sister Karen show you how to make perfect pancakes. Healthy ingredients and delicious meals are the secrets Marley reveals in his hot-off-the-press Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook. Says Ziggy: "We love taking care of our body. We love exercising. We love putting good food and good juices in our body." Right on, enjoy!
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Video below: Ziggy Marley Cooks You Breakfast - Pancakes