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EP Review: Ziggi Recado - Ivan The Terrible


by Gardy Stein

EP Review: Ziggi Recado - Ivan The Terrible

Netherland's exceptional talent strikes again: Ziggi Recado releases the first EP on his own label Nayamari Music, produced in collaboration with Rekesh Dukaloo. The title Ivan The Terrible is both an acknowledgement of the artist's second name Ivan (his full name is Ivan Ricardo Blijden) and an allusion to the 16th Century Tsar of Russia by the same name.

In contrast to his prior release Therapeutic (2014) which has embraced a more Reggae-ish flow, Ziggi focuses on Dancehall this time around. Not only musically, with accurately trimmed, chilly and bass-heavy beats, but attitude-wise as well. "I'm born as a winner" (Blessed), "Lead we a lead, we no follow nobody!" (A Level) or "Me tough like steel, the future's bright!" (Unstoppable) are only a few lyrical excerpts that express the mature self-confidence the artist emanates, a confidence that has grown over the years. No wonder - by now he can look back on award-winning albums, chart-topping singles and hundreds of celebrated live-gigs.

Blessed, Turn Me On and A Level are tunes that will work fine in the Dancehalls; their crisp speed and precisely timed lyrics, which however don't hold much in terms of consciousness, bear proof of the fact that Ziggi feels at home in a variety of genres. Unstoppable, a track brimming with ego and bass once more, entwines an acoustic guitar hook with Dubstep-patterns.

By far the most exciting song of the release is Wickedest Thing, a powerful riddim full of unexpected twists and turns combining Reggae and minimal Drum'n'Bass elements, which the artist rides in his uncompromising manner. Terrrrible! Another remarkable track is On It. Flirting with Afrobeats, it's a perfect valve for the dancing mood that might bubble up in you by the time you reach the end of the EP.

Overall, Ziggi seems to reach out to a young, urban audience with his release. And, given the diversity he has put out so far, we may remain curious what will come next!

Release details

Ziggi Recado - Ivan The Terrible

Ziggi Recado - Ivan The Terrible

DIGITAL RELEASE [Nayamari Music]

Release date: 10/07/2016


01. Blessed

02. Turn Me On

03. A Level

04. Unstoppable

05. Wickedest Thing

06. On It