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Review: Sweet Sativa Riddim


by Valentin Zill

Since the riddim goes by the name of Sweet Sativa, it’s no surprise that most artists contributed ganja lyrics.

Review: Sweet Sativa Riddim

It has been quiet around Munich’s Next Generation Family recently, but now they’re back with a fresh selection on their brand new Sweet Sativa Riddim. Produced by Fyah T and Uli “Ulinjah” Czermak, this solid modern roots riddim features Fitzroy Green (Shengen Clan) on drums, Next Generation Family’s own Sumalee Berlinger on bass, Ulinjah on guitar, and Idir Derdiche of Dub Inc fame, Ulinjah, and Fyah T on keyboards. Sara Lugo and Fyah T added backing vocals. The latter did the mixing himself, together with Munich’s household Umberto Echo. Ganjaman is responsible for mastering the entire selection.

The selection comes with thirteen songs and a dub version done by Next Generation Family itself. Fyah T and Ulinjah reached out to their network for voicings. Big names are absent altogether this time, but the producers took quite some time to find suitable voices that deserve more attention. Besides Munich-based friends of Next Generation Family like Lazimba and Da Brenner, we find Fyah T himself and long-time friends including Raymond Wright, Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal, Al Pancho, and Crosby.

Since the riddim goes by the name of Sweet Sativa, it’s no surprise that most artists contributed ganja lyrics. Al Pancho recommends no less than Ten Spliff A Day, while Fyah T, who teamed up with Jerry Don and Martin Trilla, only demands a decent draw – of high-grade though, of course. That can never be enough for Jah Marnyah. Since it makes him stress-free from “all pressure and strain innah Babylon”, he demands free Ganja for everyone.

Uwe Banton acknowledges that the sweet sativa might not be right for everyone, but demands nevertheless the right to smoke it anytime, since it’s never let him down. Stonewall Jackson in the meantime – how can a reggae artist take the name of a bloody Confederate general during the American Civil War, by the way? – hopes to become as wise as Salomon by smoking it. Munich-based Jamaican Lazimba smokes it to defend himself from the heathens’ assaults.

Cape Town’s up-and-coming singjay Crosby stays away from drugs as well, but there’s no misunderstanding that he worships his Green Ting as much as almost anyone else on this selection. Raymond Wright might be one of the rare exceptions. His Believers Lost ranks among the top tracks on this selection, he’s a sure shot anytime. Shocking Murray on the contrary is a bit of a let-down with his Another Man’s Treasure. Fitta Warri’s Save Yuh Strength is a rough reminder to stand one’s ground in Babylon territory.

Yah Meek is back with Wake Up To Your Call, a standard praise tune that doesn’t stand out on this selection. Da Brenner’s Zwei Drei Meter is more fun, that is, if you understand the Bavarian variation of German Da Brenner chooses to sing in. Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal don't leave a lasting impression with Country Road, despite its promising lyrics. Next Generation Family’s Herb Dub is a nice variation to the standard instrumental version that usually rounds up one riddim selections. Now excuse me while I…

Release details

Various Artists - Sweet Sativa Riddim

Various Artists - Sweet Sativa Riddim


Release date: 09/19/2014


01. Al Pancho - Ten Spliff a Day
02. Fyah T - Decent Draw feat. Jerry Don & Martin Trilla
03. Jah Marnyah - Stress Free
04. Uwe Banton - Sweet Sativa
05. Stonewall Jackson - Weed
06. Lazimba - Boom Draw
07. Crosby - Green Ting
08. Raymond Wright - Believers Lost
09. Shocking Murray - Another Man's Treasure
10. Fitta Warri - Save Yuh Strength
11. Wake Up to Your Call - Yah Meek
12. Da Brenner - Zwei Drei Meter
13. Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal - Country Road
14. Next Generation Family - Herb Dub

Featured artists

Fyah T / Uwe Banton / Raymond Wright / Yah Meek / Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal