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Wake Up - Debut Album by Xana Romeo


Wake Up - Debut Album by Xana Romeo

Get ready for Xana Romeo’s debut album WAKE UP! It’s ready for release on December 9th and Reggaeville is proud to reveal the details and preview the song Mercy Please:

Xana Romeo is an enchanting Reggae songstress poised to represent the new generation of musical storytellers with her divine feminine presence, playful melodies and captivating voice.

Born Azana Makeda Smith on August 26, 1994 in the historic Kingston community of Greenwich Town, the young reggae siren’s musical education began at a tender age under the keen eyes and ears of her father, veteran Reggae singer Max Romeo, a wise teacher who encouraged his youngest daughter at every step along her natural progression. “The purpose of my music is the message. When someone listens to Xana Romeo's songs I want them to feel inspired and motivated to carry out any personal self-cleansing by the renewal of their minds,” she says.

Selector Yaadcore caused some exctement in 2016 when he released the Mercy Please mixtape as a prelude to future works, introducing Xana Romeo in spectacular fashion. Booming bass and piercing chants shook the reggae revival as the lioness roared, with Yaadcore and her father Max Romeo, musical icons in their own right, providing the musical balance.

Xana immediately enraptures listeners with her unique instrument and arresting presence, while her powerful messages touch hearts, open eyes, and inspire minds. She wails and she whispers, pouring the word as a libation cooled by mystical dub; she chants and she dances, creating a striking allure as captivating as her mythical name.

After years of patient development, this child of the music is now ready to share her signature vocal stylings with the world of reggae. Now, in this time, Xana is ready to offer her first full-length project entitled Wake Up, a sonic alert to arouse the consciousness of humanity.

With fire in her eyes and passion in her voice, she says: “It is time for my generation to rise from their slumber and face the world our children will inherit. My aim on this musical mission is to spread this message throughout the globe, one soul at a time.

The Wake Up project invigorates the atmoshere with the undilluted essence of Reggae music at a time when it is most needed. These powerfully delivered messages pulsate from speakers, and rest on the heart and mind of the listener.

Open your ears and get familiar with the word, sound, and power of this conscious daughter of the music,” is Selector Yaadcore’s commentary on the Wake Up project; “It is very necessary in this time.

With six full-length songs and five dub-versions, the 11 track compilation provides a balanced space for Xana to paint a beautiful tapestry with her lyrics and music, and also tunes the senses to the future of Reggae. The project will be available for purchase on all digital media platforms on December 9.

Xana Romeo welcomes the media and lovers of music to a listening session for Wake Up at Stones Throw Bar, 1B Manning’s Hill Road at 7pm on Thursday, December 1, 2016. Join her in awakening humanity to its truest potential by spreading the message of universal love, peace and acceptance. 

01. King Of Zion
02. Wake Up
03. Mercy Please
04. Glitter Ain't Gold
05. Rate Rasta
06. Righteous Path
07. Righteous Path Dub
08. Wake Up Dub
09. Mercy Please Dub
10. Glitter Ain't Gold Dub
11. Rate Rasta Dub

The album is produced by Jallanzo, Azizzi Romeo, Calvin Firsteye Bennion, BlackLindy and Romax Romeo.
Record Label: Charmax Music, Mix by: Jallanzo,  Mastered: Anchor Recording Studio