Ward 21 ADD

Ward 21 - Still Disturbed

Ward 21 - Still Disturbed

DIGITAL RELEASE [Germaica Digital]

Release date: 01/22/2014


01. Still Disturbed
02. War Start
03. Mic Magician feat. Marcy Chin & D
04. Ben' U Back feat. Sean Paul
05. Wife Versus Mate feat. Marcy Chin
06. Rufus Loved Desrine Skit
07. Clappin' U Back
08. Cut Inna Face
09. U Shouldn't
10. Emergency Skit
11. Herbs Man
12. Spot The J
13. Out feat. Konshens
14. Puncie
15. We A Danger

Featured artists

Sean Paul / Konshens


Still around, still kickin, still… disturbed! Well, I wouldn't dare say that to any Jamaican artist, but I guess I'm on the safe side here since this statement is just a quotation of the title of their fifth album: WARD 21 is finally back with a high ...

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