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Usain Bolt drops Christmas Song "Gifted"


Usain Bolt drops Christmas Song "Gifted"

When Usain Bolt released his song Gifted via Facebook, he wrote „Gold. Gold. Gold. Platinum“. He definitely reached that goal with 2,5 million views within the first five days.

Gifted is obviously an intentionally terrible Christmas song, but still catchy. The heavily auto-tuned song and the short-film are not to be taken so seriously. Maybe NBC Sports got confused by the auto-tune effect and the very short sequence when someone else took the microphone, when they wrote „Though Bolt is mouthing words, unfortunately a different voice is speaking melodious lyrics.

Watch the video and listen to the song below and judge yourself, if this is going to be the next christmas hit:

I see the holiday lights in the sky

They shine so bright, so bright, I just want to cry

My spirit’s lifted so way up high

I feel so gifted, I feel so gifted

Because I’m run, run, running

I’m running for Christmas

And I’m sprint, sprint, sprinting

Sprinting through my wish lis

Now is the time for Usain Bolt - the gifted man - to gift the world with another incredible gifting gift: