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Original lead singers of UB40 reunited and working on new album!

01/17/2014 by Markus Hautmann

Original lead singers of UB40 reunited and working on new album!

Original lead singers of UB40 reunited and working on new album!

What seemed to be the final termination of UB40 turned out to be the start of the comeback of one (or now two?) of the most successful bands in reggae history. In November 2013, lead vocalist Astro left the remaining band [read the press release here] after original members Ali Campbell and keyboardist Mickey Virtue had already said good-bye in 2008. But only a month later the mentioned three founding members surprisingly teamed up for a concert in London [read the news here].


Now they officially announced their reunion and their return to the studio to add another episode of their impressive success story. They will tour and release as UB40. Most recently they launched a new website UB40.org!

Best known for their international hits ‘Red Red Wine’ and ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’, UB40 have sold over 70 million records. Formed in 1979 in Birmingham, the band’s initial line-up lasted for 30 years until the 2008 departure of Campbell and Virtue. There is no statement from „the otherUB40 as yet. A release date of the new album has also not been announced.

UPDATE  - January 23rd 2014 - UB40 Statement

Following the announcement by three former members of UB40 of their intention to ‘reform’ to record a new album and to perform live under the name UB40, the five founding members of UB40 wish to make the following statement:

“We are outraged at this latest desperate attempt by our former band mates to hijack UB40's brand name, business and legacy. As UB40 we have worked continuously for the last 35 years touring the world with our live show and promoting our recorded albums.

"As our fans know, Ali Campbell left UB40 six years ago citing issues with the band's management, and has since pursued a solo career. In that time, Ali has repeatedly attempted to discredit his brothers and former band mates, through the media and otherwise, but this latest attempt to confuse and manipulate UB40's fans is, frankly, pathetic. We are disappointed that he feels it necessary to behave in this way and equally disappointed that Astro has joined with him.

“UB40’s five remaining founding members Robin Campbell, Brian Travers, Jimmy Brown, Earl Falconer and Norman Hassan will be touring extensively throughout 2014 and the UK in March and April. With this in mind, UB40 are delighted to announce that extra dates have been added, including a second night in Birmingham on April 19th, with tickets going on sale from Monday, 27th January. For all genuine UB40 dates please go to our official website, Facebook and Twitter pages at www.UB40.co.uk , facebook.com/ub40official and @UB40official.

“As for Ali, Mickey and Astro, the matter is now in the hands of our lawyers”.