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  • Trettmann - #DIY (Fanbox)
  • Trettmann - #DIY (Fanbox)
  • Trettmann - #DIY (Fanbox)
  • Trettmann - #DIY (Fanbox)
  • Trettmann - #DIY (Fanbox)

Trettmann - #DIY (Fanbox)

DELUXE BOX [Soulforce Records]

Release date: 09/29/2017


#DIY Album
01. Intro
02. Knöcheltief feat. Gzuz187ers
03. Grauer Beton
04. Billie Holiday
05. Dumplin & Callaloo
06. GottSeiDank feat. BonezMC187ers & RAF Camora
07. Nur Noch Einen feat. Joey Bargeld & Haiyti aka Robbery
08. New York
09. Fast Forward feat. Marteria
10. Geh Ran

Reggae Showcase EP
1. Adriano (Reggae RMX)
2. In Meinem Leben (Reggae RMX)
3. La Dolce Vita (Reggae RMX)
4. Raver (Reggae RMX)
5. Skyline (Reggae RMX)

KitschKrieg EP
KitschKrieg Vol.2 EP
KitschKrieg Vol.3 EP
Herb & Mango EP
Palmen aus Plastik Bonus EP


While some love to talk about being innovative and even believe they are, while they actually aren’t, others just do it big time and don’t even brag about it. Creative collective KitschKrieg and their artist Trettmann just dropped a little bomb, ...

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