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Review: Tiken Jah Fakoly in Reutlingen, Germany 4/2/2011

04/04/2011 by Valentin Zill

Review: Tiken Jah Fakoly in Reutlingen, Germany 4/2/2011

Concert Review: Tiken Jah Fakoly live @ Friedrich-List-Halle, Reutlingen, Germany 4/2/2011

During his first tour of Germany since the release of his album African Revolution, Tiken Jah Fakoly stopped in Reutlingen to promote his African revolution. Today‘s most successful African Reggae artist proved that he succeeded in what countless others have claimed: he redefined African Reggae.

The excitement was seizable when Mayembé Malayika opened the show in the well-attended Friedrich-List- Halle. The Jazz and African Soul singer hailing from Tübingen, Germany performed Africanization, Corruption and Rise, supported by bass and percussion.

Thus prepared, there was no holding back for the audience when Tiken Jah entered the stage. A veritable surprise was his backing band Fariband. Enlarged with a kora player, they could implement the tunes from African Revolution surprisingly close to the original studio versions. Fariband has always been a synonym for highest musical delectation, but with this setting they excelled themselves. Tiken‘s setlist is a balanced blend of classics and recencies. His oeuvre is so extensive that he needs to play a medley to present his best tunes in the two hours he has. In such a way he performed On A Tout Compris, Baba, Quitte Le Pouvoir, Le Balayeur, Justice, Le Pays Va Mal and Y‘En A Marre. In full length, Tiken delivered Françafrique, Danga, Viens Voir, Sors De Ma Télé, Ayebada, L‘Africain, Vieux Père, Alou Maye, African Revolution, Ouvrez Les Frontières and Soldier - the drummer sang Akon‘s part.

For the first encore, Fariband picks acoustic instruments. Even the brass section swaps their instruments with percussion and another guitar. This alternation makes Tiken‘s show one of the by far most interesting ones these days. With this set up, Fariband performs Votez, Je Dis Non and Plus Rien Ne M‘Etonne. Golden-voiced background singer Wendy sang Asa‘s part of Political War so staggeringly that you wonder why Tiken did not record the original version with her. With regular instrumentation, Tiken went on with Delivrance, Les Martyrs and Il Faut Se Lever. But the massive just could not get enough and screamed until Tiken came back once more to sing Foly and Promesses Bla Bla. Demanding soli from bass player Ras Jumbo and guitar player Vivi closed this unforgetable show.


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