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Wailers Reunited - Family Man & Al Anderson Together Again


Wailers Reunited - Family Man & Al Anderson Together Again

Family Man left the Wailers! Since some weeks the Wailers band is touring without their bassist and band leader Aston „Family Man“ Barrett.

On June 21st Reggae Report posted this message on Facebook:

"IMPOSTER ALERT: Attention US, UK & European Promoters & Wailers' Fans. The band currently on the road & billed as the Wailers is a FAKE band. There is NOT ONE WAILER in that band. The REAL Wailers are Family Man Barrett, Al Anderson, & Tyrone Downie, featuring Donald Kinsey & Aston Barrett Jr., with featured singers & special guests being added. A WAILERS REUNITED tour is coming soon. DO NOT BE FOOLED..."

This reunion of Family Man and Al Anderson as The Wailers Reunited is a big surprise.

Since the 80s the Wailers are touring the world in many various constellations including Junior Marvin and Al Anderson. In 2009 Marvin and Anderson formed their own band named The Original Wailers, but Marvin left in April 2011 to go solo.

Watch the video messages by Family Man and Al Anderson talking about the reunion below: