Steel Pulse ADD

Steel Pulse - Mass Manipulation

Steel Pulse - Mass Manipulation

DIGITAL RELEASE [Rootfire Cooperative / Wiseman Doctrine]

Release date: 05/17/2019


01. Rize
02. Zem Dem
03. Stop You Coming and Come
04. Thank The Rebels
05. Justice In Jena
06. Human Trafficking
07. Cry Cry Blood
08. Don’t Shoot
09. Trinkets and Beads?
10. No Satan Side
11. N.A.T.T.Y. 
12. Mass Manipulation
13. World Gone Mad
14. Black and White Oppressors
15. The Final Call
16. Higher Love (Rasta Love)
17. Nations Of The World


When Steel Pulse first arrived on the scene, they caused quite a stir. Formed in 1975, their debut single Kibudu-Mansetta-Abuku (1976) and album Handsworth Revolution (1978), left an indelible mark on both the musical and political landscapes of the ...

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