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Soothsayers - We Are Many (Versions)

Soothsayers - We Are Many (Versions)


Release date: 04/01/2022


01. Love And Unity (General Roots Remix)
02. We Won't Lose Hope feat. Prince Fatty & Julia Biel (Truth & Lies Mix)
03. One Step Away (Victor Rice Mix)
04. No Sacrifice (Dutchie Remix)
05. Light The Way (K3:lu Remix)
06. Rat Race (Victor Rice Dub Version)
07. Move In Silence (Lawn Remix)
08. We Are Many (Samuel Sharp Remix)
09. Rolling (em Barro do Sahy) (Victor Rice Dub Version)
10. No Sacrifice (Jamtone Dub Version)
11. Slave (Ill Considered Remix)
12. Move In Silence (Sothsayers Meet Wu-Lu Refit)
13. Love And Unity Victor Rice Dub Version)
14. We Won't Lose Hope (Jamtone Dub Version)
15. One Step Away Victor Rice Dub Version)

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Prince Fatty