Soom T ADD

Soom T - Good

Soom T - Good

DIGITAL RELEASE [X-Ray Production]

Release date: 04/08/2022


01. Big Bad World
02. Yes My People
03. World We Live In
04. Our Day 
05. I Wanna Live
06. Bring Them Down
07. Don't Stand For Dis
08. Born Free
09. My Struggle
10. One Real Friend
11. Your Time
12. Amazing Graces
13. My Shelter
14. Get The Fruit
15. Steps
16. One More Tune


The return of the Raggamuffin Queen! After her album Victory, released just before Christmas last year, revealed an entirely different side of the Scottish artist, Soom T is back in Reggae waters for Good. This new album is "the result of ten years ...

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