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Take Me Places - Interview Series Highlights Veterans Of The Industry

10/27/2022 by Munchy

Take Me Places - Interview Series Highlights Veterans Of The Industry

Reggae and Jamaican music have a long, rich and intriguing history to look back on. Many individuals have contributed their talent, energy and spirit to make it what it is today, have dedicated their life to the genre, have fostered, developed and enriched the music. 

With her new video interview series Take Me Places Reggaeville host Munchy highlights some of the veterans, members of the Reggae fraternity that have played crucial roles in the business, by giving them a platform to share their personal story as well as Jamaican music history. 

Each guest invited Munchy to a distinct location, took her to a special place of personal choice to start the mental journey from there and also give both host and audience an opportunity to experience that spot, see what is usually only spoken about, what is outside the camera frame during a regular interview.

The first season consists of five episodes that welcome producers Gussie Clarke and Donovan Germain, drummer Sly Dunbar and bass players Jackie Jackson and Flabba Holt on the show. Munchy got to film in studios, offices, yards, personal spaces, where Reggae history was created. 

Do you know which later recording artist by the nickname Bumpie, Flabba Holt used to dance and win competitions with in his younger years? Can you imagine why Duke Reid would let Jackie Jackson play the intro on Girl I Have Got A Date on his very first recording session ever? And can you guess where Donovan Germain experienced even more appreciation for his effort than in music? All these and even more questions you didn't even know you had, will be answered in Take Me Places, which starts now Reggaeville on October 31, 2022 and will have a new episode premiere every week up until Christmas.