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Reggaeville Riddim: Love Mi Fi Me - Skarra Mucci feat. Kip Rich

03/16/2012 by Markus Hautmann

Reggaeville Riddim: Love Mi Fi Me - Skarra Mucci feat. Kip Rich

Love Mi Fi Me by Skarra Mucci & Kip Rich is the first release of the Reggaeville Riddim (street date for the full selection: May 25) which will also be featured on Skarra's upcoming album Return of Raggamuffin (street date: April 13th).

In a recent interview we asked Skarra Mucci about the production process of Love Mi Fi Me:

How did you get involved in the Reggaeville Riddim selection?
Morry from Oneness Records just asked me to voice the riddim. And I said "yes!". I am very thankful to Morry and Reggaville for their work and their support. They produced the song and covered whatever was needed to get the song done. Also to Sebastian from DeeBuzz (sound system) because he had a closer talk to Kip Rich. And the result, the song is just a big tune! I'm so happy about that and I'm so happy that Morry and Reggaeville took the time to support me.

How did you link up with Kip Rich?
Two or three years ago Kip Rich was at my birthday bash. And he liked the "Bounce it" riddim. But I told him that it was an old riddim. At that time I didn't have a riddim at hand that I thought would fit him. But now I could tell him: yeah, this is Reggaville, they are the biggest online Reggae magazine, they're gonna push it. So as it was already planned to do something together and Sebastian also was in Jamaica staying with Kiprich, it's like a DeeBuzz family thing. When Kiprich performed in "Rude 7" (club in Mannheim, Germany) we went to the studio, I played the riddim, he liked it and we started to work.

You were in the studio together? Most collaborations are done via mail, skype etc.
Yes we were! We were together in Ragatac studio in Mannheim.

For us "non-artists": How does such a song develop? How does the creation of a tune work?
I really have to give it up for Kip Rich! I just went outside to have a smoke and when I came back in he was already on it, singing it piece for piece. It took him about an hour for the chorus. Then I did my verses and he was liking it. So yes, we did it together.

How do you find the topic for a song?
Most of the times it's like this: the riddim starts and then I just... - wow! Boom! And if the person I'm singing with has a topic I don't try to confuse the thing. I try to work something around that topic and try to make it fit. For example: I could have been much stronger on that tune, I could have been much more powerful and pushing. But I thought: no, the tune is mellow so keep it mellow and a little bit funny if possible. Because if I sounded stronger it wouldn't really harmonize. I don't just get a work done, I try to fit the thing.

You definitely did. Thank you so much for this wicked tune!
Bless you, me bredda. Thanks for everything. And to the world and all the Reggaeville readers: Skarra Mucci love unoo! The real raggamuffin is here, you see't! Nuff respect to the world out there! Support Reggae music! Keep it alive! You see me.