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AL.TA.FA.AN Records Presents New Sizzla Album - Fought For Dis


AL.TA.FA.AN Records Presents New Sizzla Album - Fought For Dis

Sizzla Kalonji comes back with a brand new album Fought for Dis produced by the well known label AL.TA.FA.AN. Records. Official release date is June 16th. The album will be out as digital release and also available on CD and Vinyl. 

Composed of 10 tracks, this opus brings together unreleased singles as well as titles already released like the big combination Don’t Worry with Gentleman & Mark Wonder which already had a great success around the world with more than 4.6 million video views on Youtube.

This album is the fruit of a real collaboration between the producer Anthony Senior and Sizzla himself for a decade which gives this album a special touch.

The release features prestigious artists such as the American rapper M1 Dead Prez on the song Freedom and Capleton and Vershon on the title Happy For You. Also noted the collaboration of artists Nakeisha on the title Take My Breath and Sugar Cane on the title Jamaica.

On the composition side, the AL.TA.FA.AN label has made use of renowned musicians such as Fire House Crew, Live Wyya Band and Dean Fraser to name only the best known. The mixes were made by Soljie Hamilton, Barry O'Hare, Peter Crucial P Piessen and Fernando Machado Cardoso.

Album tracklist:

1. Fought For Dis
2. Freedom feat. M1 Dead Prez
3. Love You Jah Jah
4. Happy For You feat. Capleton & Vershon
5. Show More Love
6. Don’t Worry feat. Gentleman & Mark Wonder
7. The Children Are The Future
8. Take My Breath Away feat. Nakeisha
9. Much More
10. Jamaica feat. Sugar Cane

Listen to the official album megamix here: