Silent Nancy ADD

Silent Nancy - Inside Voices

Silent Nancy - Inside Voices


Release date: 01/07/2022


01. For Those Who Don't Know
02. Different Love feat. The Uplifts
03. Inside Voices
04. Chance On Love
05. Biddi Don feat. Zoe Mazah
06. Tell Me What Side I'm On feat. Shaka the King
07. Sly
08. Lay Your Troubles Down feat. Sanae Casita
09. Just Enjoy The Ride
10. On My Way Down
11. Go Another Round
12. Been Here Before

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Zoe Mazah


What do you get when you mix a soulful US-singer, a versed Reggae-producer from Sweden, a whole lot of creativity, spice it up with bittersweet life experiences and let everything simmer on low heat for 18 months? A masterpiece called Inside Voices. ...

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