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Sanchez - I'm Not Accepted @ OnStage TV

11/08/2016 by Gardy Stein

Sanchez - I'm Not Accepted @ OnStage TV

After he was invited to perform on three exceptional shows in Jamaica this year (Rebel Salute, Reggae Sumfest and the CB PAN Chicken Festival), Kevin Anthony Jackson aka Sanchez appears OnStage to talk about his musical re-emergence following the release of his latest album Beware. However, there are some major stumbling blocks on his road to success. According to Sanchez, people don't seem to want him on stage: "I'm not accepted the way I should be. I see that everywhere I turn. They cut my performance-time to 35 minutes, while the artist after me gets two hours.", he complains. Asked what would be a sufficient amount of time for his delivery, the artist explains that "45 minutes would be my length of time. I didn't get it! If they would just give me 5 or 6 more minutes, I know I would have brought the house down… it didn't happen the way I wanted it, I expected it. I planned my thing well, but I didn't execute!"

Oh, thou bitter-sweet world of entertainment! Sanchez continues to talk about the beginnings of his career and his three-fold aptitude as singer, songwriter and producer, of which more is to be expected: "I have a whole lot of songs right now that my fans need to hear, and I need to perform them!" Well, the next chance to do so is Damian Marley's Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise, where Sanchez is scheduled to perform between Assassin and Beenie Man from 8:15 to 9:30pm. Will these 75 minutes be enough to execute his show as planned and bring the boat down?

To bridge the wait, look what we found: not a 35-, but a 47-minute recording of Sanchez' live-performance at Reggae Sumfest - the ultimate proof that time seems to fly sometimes! WATCH IT HERE!

Watch the full interview @ OnStage, aired last saturday (November 5th), here: