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Roots Of Creation - Livin Free (Deluxe Version)

Roots Of Creation - Livin Free (Deluxe Version)

[Bomb Shelter]

Release date: 04/22/2016


01. Get Ready

02. Different feat. Rubblebucket Horns

03. 3x a Lady feat. Yeti Beats (Yeti Beats Remix)

04. Oh Lord

05. Uplift

06. Struggle (feat. Melvin Seals)

07. Rubber Bullets

08. I'll Be There

09. Punk RoC

10. Searchin'

11. Policy (feat. Mighty Mystic & Rubblebucket Horns)

12. Row Jimmy

13. Stay With Me

14. Strength

15. A Time Will Come (feat. Pato Banton)

16. Struggle (feat. Ras MG) [Ras MG Remix]

17. Searchin' (Extended)


CD 2

01. Get Ready (Acoustic)

02. Different (Acoustic)

03. 3x a Lady (Acoustic)

04. Oh Lord (Acoustic)

05. Uplift (Acoustic)

06. Struggle (Acoustic)

07. Rubber Bullets

08. I'll Be There


09. Searchin' (Acoustic)

10. Policy (Acoustic)

11. Row Jimmy (Acoustic)

12. Stay With Me (Acoustic)

13. Strength (Acoustic)

14. A Time Will Come feat. Pato Banton (Acoustic)


CD 3

01. Get Ready feat. Ras MG (Ras MG Remix)

02. Different Dub feat. Rubblebucket Horns (Dubfader Mix)

03. 3x a Lady Dub feat. Yeti Beats (Yeti Beats Mix)

04. Oh Lord Dub (Dubfader Mix)

05. Uplift Dub (Dubfader Mix)

06. Struggle (feat. Ras MG & Melvin Seals) (Skankin' Mix)

07. Rubber Bullets Dub (SubCreature Mix)

08. I'll Be There (Dubfader Mix)

09. Searchin' Dub (Dubfader Mix)

10. Policy Dub feat. Mighty Mystic & Rubblebucket Horns [Dubfader Mix]

11. Row Jimmy Dub (Dubfader Mix)

12. Stay With Me Dub (Dubfader Mix)

13. A Time Will Come feat. Pato Banton (Dub Architect Mix)

14. Strength (SubCreature Mix)



Featured artists

Pato Banton / Mighty Mystic