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The Scientist - The Untouchable

The Scientist - The Untouchable

DIGITAL RELEASE [Dub Electronics]

Release date: 09/28/2016


01. Fly Like an Eagle feat. Tippa Irie 
02. Dubadyedye feat. Da Real Storm 
03. That's Not a Real Life feat. Sabrina Pallini 
04. Dancing in the Hall feat. Rod Taylor 
05. Inna Trouble feat. Da Real Storm 
06. Do Ré Mi Fa Sol La feat. Ilhame Paris 
07. It's All Good feat. Tippa Irie 
08. Money Can't Buy Me feat. Ilhame Paris 
09. You Are Still Alive feat. Sabrina Pallini 
10. Go Go Go feat. Kelli Love 
11. Moneylodica feat. Jacin 
12. Guiding Star feat. Dubiterian 
13. Go Go Go Dub feat. Kelli Love

Featured artists

Tippa Irie / Rod Taylor / Dubiterian