Rocker T ADD

Rocker T - Return of the Tru Ganjaman

Rocker T - Return of the Tru Ganjaman

DIGITAL RELEASE [Luvinnitt Productions]

Release date: 06/17/2016


01. Yankee & Yardee
02. Need Some feat. Gappy Ranks
03. Disgrace feat. Mykal Rose & Mr Williamz
04. Herbalist feat. Mama-T
05. Man Ah Warrior
06. Chillum feat. Skip Wicked
07. Garden of Goodness feat. Jah Wave & Ras Indio
08. Blazing Everyday feat. Prezident Brown
09. Life Over Death
10. Tru Ganjaman Megamix
11. Ganja SlenginĀ (Nickynutz Remix)
12. Real Singer Smoker (Mt. Analogue Remix)
13. One Million Matches (Yungg Trip Remix)
14. Millitant & Real (Ill Text Trap-A-Lot Mafia Remix)
15. Real Singer Smoker (Phibes Remix)
16. Real Singer Smoker (Wagon Burner Remix)
17. One Million Matches (MYLK Remix)
18. Ganja Slengin (Mt. Analogue & Toadface Remix)
19. Militant & Real (Illwood Remix)

Featured artists

Gappy Ranks / Mykal Rose / Mr. Williamz / Prezident Brown / Ras Indio