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Oneness Records presents Lioness Order Riddim - Aza Lineage Video Premiere

04/26/2019 by Reggaeville

Oneness Records presents Lioness Order Riddim - Aza Lineage Video Premiere

The Lioness Order compilation enters with a quality of stealth, power and grace that is characteristic of the queens of the pride. The heavy roots rock rhythm, produced by Oneness Records, features eight signature tracks performed by a fierce lineup of female vocalists. The title track - ‘Lioness Order’ by Kelissa - sets the bar high, with a distinctly melodious and fiery delivery that leads listeners into the rock-solid musical compilation.

Among the distinctive features of the musical arrangement are the distorted guitars, synthesizers, and the rounded roster of established and emerging artists from Kingston, Jamaica to Nairobi, Kenya featured on the compilation.

Queen Omega’s Never Trouble No One is a provocative ode to self-mastery while Aza Lineage, one of the newest Jamaican artists on the scene, delivers Kill them with a Sound with precision, confidence and clarity that defy her relative youth. WATCH THE AZA LINEAGE VIDEO PREMIERE  BELOW!

Sara Lugo is a Woman on a Mission, refusing to be defined or confined, while Kenyan singer Treesha combines her powerhouse vocals with reggae stalwart Queen Ifrica on Fyah Daughter, a warning-shot to anyone who might take the feminine force lightly.

Yeza, another emerging artist, makes her mark with militancy in excess on Rebel Empress, and Princess Kazayah closes out the Lioness Order compilation with a musical Thunder Clap.

1. Kelissa - Lioness Order
2. Queen Omega - Never Trouble No One
3. Aza Lineage - Kill Them With A Sound
4. Sara Lugo - Woman On A Mission
5. Treesha & Queen Ifrica - Fyah Daughter
6. Yeza - Rebel Empress
7. Prinzess Kazayah - Thunder Clap
8. Lioness Order Riddim