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Interview: Harrison 'Professor' Stafford [Extended Edition]

10/05/2011 by Valentin Zill

Interview: Harrison 'Professor' Stafford [Extended Edition]

Harrison Stafford: He is the lead singer of the jazz-infused reggae group Groundation, a clear favorite of most reggae journalists. He has recently released his first solo album Madness under the name of Professor, a nickname that stuck to him ever since he taught History of Reggae Music at Sonoma State University in CA. Time to sit down with the genius! He has a lot to tell, ranging from his trip to Israel and Palestine, Madness, recording at Harry J’s with some of Bob Marley’s musicians, Groundation’s upcoming album, his documentary Holding on to Jah that earned rave reviews all over the world, Bob Marley’s role in reggae music and much more. Curl up on your couch and enjoy!


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FYI: a short version of this interview has been published in the Festiville Magazine in June: FESTIVLLE 2011