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Prince Fatty Announces Crowdfund to Finish New London Studio Space

10/04/2021 by Press Release

Prince Fatty Announces Crowdfund to Finish New London Studio Space

Producer, engineer, and audio maverick Prince Fatty has asked his fans to help him complete an exciting and visionary new studio he is building in London. With their assistance (via he plans to transform the recording landscape for both live and recorded music forever.  

The studio is being built on the premises of iconic Lewisham venue The Fox and Firkin, which has hosted some of the world’s most important reggae artists in recent years. Prince Fatty aims to create a musical hub that will not only attract the cream of musicians and vocalists to record studio albums, but also record the Fox and Firkin’s live shows in high quality.

The studio will feature vintage analogue equipment – including the legendary high pass filter, as used by King Tubby.

Prince Fatty is offering his fans a wide choice of rewards for their support. These range from unreleased collaborations with fellow dub pioneer Nick Manasseh, to private shows with Prince Fatty and singer and Shniece for your party or event.

To anyone who has enjoyed the musical works of Prince Fatty over the years… I am asking for your help” says Prince Fatty. “Right now, I really need your support to help me complete my new studio and keep dubbing in the analogue tradition. I am offering you some exclusive music, and the promise of continued musical works in future.

This will be no ordinary recording studio. Thanks to the layout of the venue, we will be able to run permanent microphone lines down to the live stage on the floor below. This will allow us to capture the bands’ live performances at studio quality at the flip of a switch and also use the space as the main live room for recording. Once complete, the studio complex will become a hive of activity, overflowing with fresh music for your ears.

Support Prince Fatty to reach his £10,000 target by October 15th @

Find out more about the project in the video below: