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SummerJam Dancehall Arena 2011


SummerJam Dancehall Arena 2011

SummerJam 2011 launches for the first time the SummerJam Dancehall Arena. The big tent, which garantuees no sleep at all at this years SummerJam, premieres on thursday night and ends on saturday with legendary Sentinel Sound and the mighty Pow Pow! Also for the first time SummerJam will have Dubstep and Drum & Bass as part of their event on friday night.



  • Supersonic
  • Deebuzz
  • Ben Stiller


  • Relentless Night Feat. The U-Turn Squad
  • Dubwars Soundsystem Feat. Redrum & Ridick
  • Foreign Beggars
  • Dj Tease
  • Chicken
  • Mc Dubln


  • Sentinel Feat. Etzia & Serengeti
  • Pow Pow
  • Massaya