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Album Review: PieroDread - Real Vibes


by Markus Hautmann

Album Review: PieroDread - Real Vibes

Italy’s contribution to the international reggae scene must not be underrated. Alborosie is one of the fraternity’s most prominent acts, in the days of vinyl records Rome’s One Love Hi-Powa supplied half of Europe with fresh sounds from Jamaica and the Rototom Sunsplash festival, originally held in Italy for more than 15 years, is widely considered as one of the top addresses worldwide when it comes to reggae events. So it is no surprise that there is also a thriving local scene with benchmarks like Sud Sound Sytem or the annual summer dancehall madness in the region of Salento. One who is about to step up into the international circuit is PieroDread with his ambitious new album Real Vibes.
Having been in the business for more than ten years as lead singer of Italian roots band Franziska, the winner of the 2007 competition of Rototom’s European Reggae Contest, PieroDread gained a wider audience as a solo artist with his collaboration with Anthony B on So Precious in 2012. On Real Vibes he shows that he does not depend on the support of big names albeit on two songs he teams up with renowned acts Raphael and Mojo Morgan. Lyrically his social commentary is profound and avoids the use of the common arbitrary phrases. However somehow contrary to the lyrical fight against Babylon is the very clean sound of Real Vibes. The quality of the production is superb, musicians and producers like members of Dub Inc, Oneness Records, House of Riddim or Umberto Echo guarantee highest standards. And also a big musical variety from rocksteady to dancehall with glimpses of Soul, Blues and R&B but with a predominant focus on a modern roots sound. Whereas PieroDread used to be on the deep roots side with Franziska Real Vibes sports a pop appeal that might attract a wider audience even outside the reggae cosmos.

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PieroDread - Real Vibes

PieroDread - Real Vibes


Release date: Digital: May 16th / CD November 21st 2013


01. Live In Love

02. Leave You No More

03. Time Is Getting Rough feat. Jah Sun

04. Forever

05. See Dem Fight

06. Inna Me Yard feat. Askala Selassie

07. When You Stay

08. Pay The Price feat. Raphael

09. Ganja Business

10. Mama Earth Chant

11. See You Later feat. Mojo Morgan

12. Purification

13. Turn Up The Radio

14. Ganja Biz Dub

15. Pay The Dub

Featured artists

Mojo Morgan / Raphael