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Wisdom of the Bush Doctor: The Prophecies and Philosophies of Peter Tosh

Wisdom of the Bush Doctor: The Prophecies and Philosophies of Peter Tosh

BOOK [Alima Press]

Release date: 10/10/2015

Peter Tosh was a revolutionary reggae musician who fought for those who could not fight themselves, providing a voice for the voiceless while going blow for blow against the island’s political power structure. The upper crust of Jamaican society saw Peter as a threat to the existing regime while the people saw Peter as a dreadlocked rebel hero. And hero he was. To the frightened establishment he was six feet five inches of walking danger, the stepping razor, a ganja smoking singer that was opening for the Rolling Stones and speaking of rasta revolution to dumbfounded audiences. Peter Tosh lived his image; he wasn’t interested in being a pop star but a champion of human rights. Tosh exposed corruption and shone a light on the wickedness of the world, using his music as a weapon to liberate people from the chains of Babylon both physically and mentally. Tosh also was a crusader for the legalization of marijuana writing a classic album 'Legalize It' which signaled a call to legalize marijuana 40 years before it happened in Jamaica.

This book is a collection of Peter Tosh interviews and speeches.

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