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Mungo's Hi-Fi - Serious Time

Mungo's Hi-Fi - Serious Time


Release date: 06/02/2014


01. Serious Time feat. YT
02. Can't Stand It feat. Warrior Queen
03. 31st Century Song feat. Soom T
04. Bike Rider feat. Pupajim
05. Thousand Style feat. Mr Williamz
06. Animal Dance feat. Speng Bond
07. Thinking of an Island feat. Soom T
08. Slavery feat. Marina P
09. Dancehall School feat. Solo Banton
10. Nice It Up feat. Charlie P
11. Gunman Posse feat. Peter Metro & Squiddly
12. Overcome feat. Blackout JA
13. Traveller feat. Charlie P
14. Babylon a Come feat. Parly B
15. Jah Say Love feat. Cornel Campbell

Featured artists

YT / Mr. Williamz / Cornell Campbell / Peter Metro / Solo Banton


Mungo’s HiFi’s previous two ensemble albums had triumphant and positive titles – declaring they are Sound System Champions and pushing Forward Ever. For the Glasgow collective’s third such venture we’re instead warned that it’s a Serious Time. The ...

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