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Peter Fox, Anthony B, Charly Black, Mono & Nikitaman @ SummerJam 2023

02/01/2023 by Press Release

Peter Fox, Anthony B, Charly Black, Mono & Nikitaman @ SummerJam 2023

Maaaaad: Peter Fox is back! Not only in the charts, but also at the Summerjam Festival at Fühlinger See in Cologne. With his single Zukunft Pink the SEEED frontman from Berlin breaks new ground and remains true to himself. The new album will follow soon. The performance at Summerjam will be one of the few shows in NRW - and we are very excited to see what he has in store for the Summerjam audience.

On Peter Fox's "revival": "The last few years have left their mark, with their crises and worries, their dynamics of decomposition. New music by Peter Fox is just the thing – especially when it embraces the new so heartily. Zukunft Pink is inspired by family backyard parties and the morning after, by beats from South and West Africa, as well as the crystal-clear morning dew over the vastness of Brandenburg - a plea for hope, for vital lightness in difficult times, for letting go and tackling anew."

We share this vision, look forward to celebrating the dawn of hopefully better times with Peter Fox, and think that our loyal companion fits this year's motto perfectly: "The Spirit of Peace". Musically, he combines everything that the Summerjam has to offer anyway and will make several generations dance in "Cologne Bay".

More confirmations: Charly Black, Anthony B and Mono & Nikitaman!

Charly Black
Born and raised in Jamaica, Charly Black's music has been playing in the clubs here in Germany for a long time. After his performance at Summerjam 2018, he will be back this year. "Love is the medicine that the world needs right now." His message is more relevant than ever and with his dancehall anthem Party Animal he will make the Summerjam crowd tremble in "Cologne Bay".

Anthony B
Reggae fans all over Europe can look forward to a performance by Anthony B - as always full of energy. With his last album King In My Castle he proved that he also likes to cross over to other genres. The Jamaican not only gives everything on stage, but also names political injustices and uses his music to help the weak and oppressed.

Mono & Nikitaman
Mono & Nikitaman have also been making music with a strong message for over 20 years now. Like no other artist duo, the two stand up for peaceful coexistence and speak out against exclusion and hatred. Mono & Nikitaman say: "Fist up for social criticism and music with content that can be escalated to collectively and danced to off-beat."