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Patrice - The Super Tour with Yaadcore | March & April 2023


Patrice - The Super Tour with Yaadcore | March & April 2023


Patrice: "I’m going back on tour after something like 6 years. (I hadn’t even noticed it’s been this long!). The SUPER TOUR is starting on March 7th! I’m excited to dive back into my element and have started soulstorming with my "green team” About how we can innovate the way we tour. How to create a greater experience with less of an impact on the environment. Also there have been many calls for a physical version of The Super Album and I’m happy to announce that we will be selling vinyl records on tour. We’re thinking Blitzgigs, golden tickets, sunrise concerts, Guerilla raves and more…
What would be the craziest thing you’d like to experience on a Super Tour !?

March 7 @ Le Bikini in Ramonville-Saint-Agne, France
March 8 @ Le Krakatoa in Mérignac, France
March 9 @ Atabal in Biarritz, France
March 10 @ El Mediator in Perpignan, France
March 11 @ Paloma - Grande Salle in Nîmes, France
March 14 @ Transbordeur in Villeurbanne, France
March 15 @ Laiterie in Strasbourg, France
March 17 @ La Bam in Vallières-Lès-Metz, France
March 21 @ La Cartonnerie in Reims, France
March 22 @ La Cigale in Paris, France
March 23 @ Quai M in La Roche-Sur-Yon
March 24 @ Big Band Café in Hérouville-St-Clair, France
March 25 @ Le 106 in Rouen, France

April 4 @ La Madeleine in Brussels, Belgium
April 5 @ L'Astrolabe in Orléans, France
April 6 @ L'Oasis in Le Mans, France
April 7 @ Cabaret Botanique in Rennes, France
April 8 @ La Nouvelle Vague in Saint-Malo, France


YAADCORE: "I don't get excited much but this have me feeling like #reggaeboyz in #worldcup98 road to #france. This is a major blessing! Nutn but the biggest respect for the G Patrice for sharing his platform with I the #Reggaeman & the #Reggaeland. All my people in France & Belgium mark your calendars & get your tickets now!"