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Sting 2013 - #BringTheSting! 30th Anniversary with Live Stream


Sting 2013 - #BringTheSting! 30th Anniversary with Live Stream

33 days to go till The Greatest One Night Reggae & Dancehall Show On Earth will celebrate it's 30th edition on December 26th: STING.

The promoters have big plans and it looks like they are well prepared for their anniversary. Recently Sting was launched in New York City and the following press releases provides interesting facts for every Sting fan. Especially the plans to bring the event via Pay Per View, VOD and live streaming worldwide sound promising.

CHECK THE LINE-UP HERE.. including Ninjaman, Super Cat, Sizzla...


Press Release: Sting Launches in NYC [11/20/2013]
Brimming with the who’s who of New York, International Media and entertainers, last night’s Sting 30th anniversary “Bring the Sting” Launch held at the Griffin in Manhattan was a hit!!

There were bright lights and pull-up banners outside the venue, security was tight; the evening ran on time, Diva Nikki Z handled the Red Carpet. Linkage Radio broadcasted the entire event live to the Tri-State-area. There was food, dancing, networking and excitement. Sting Director’s Junior ‘Heavy D’ Fraser and Howard ‘Big Mac’ McIntosh were on spot, catering to the room full of Sting fans. The Supreme team was out in full effect.

Among the persons who spoke at the event were Sophia Bernard from Magnum, who detailed alignment with the 30 year-old event and Marcia Stewart from the Jamaica Tourist Board, who fully endorsed the event. Dan Rush, president of AOIM, Sting’s marketing Company overseas spoke to the magnitude of the event for this years staging and his company’s involvement.

Sting Promoter DSR’s Josef Bogdanovich, further impressed the audience by expanding on the meaning of the pay-per-view deal and what 350 million eyes on dancehall means not only for Sting the event, but also for the Jamaican music industry and what the possibilities are financial and otherwise.

Joe’s presentation was both emotional and energetic as he expressed his passion for the music/Jamaica and paid homage to Laing and the team for achieving this milestone. He reiterated his commitment to take STING to the next level via Pay Per View, VOD and live streaming worldwide. He also implored everyone to be a part of this year’s event with a theatrical, high pitched, ‘mad man’ like end to his presentation like only Joe can do.

The history of STING was read by actress Kiki Haynes of Tyler Perry’s ‘For better or worse’ fame. Isaiah Laing’s presentation was delivered in his usual calm and collected style and he had the media and patrons in full attention when he started out by telling them a few secrets to the success and longevity of STING. At the end of his presentation came the BIG surprise. Laing announced that his autobiography (Point Blank Range – A Jamaican Badman Police – The Isaiah Laing story) will be available online and via paperback in December 2013.

The excitement was fever pitched and ‘BIG Mac’ closed the formalities by bellowing ‘SELECTA RUN THE TRACK’. The musical engineering/juggling for the evening was crafted by none other than renowned DJs Jabba and Bobby Konders from New York’s Massive B sound.

‘Point Blank Range’ will be available at Jamworld when we ‘Bring the Sting’ and celebrate 30 years of the Greatest One night Reggae Dancehall Show on Earth this year.

Also available at the Sting Venue this year will be the Collectors Edition Sting Magazine and the 30th Anniversary memorabilia. The Trailer for the Sting Documentary also hits the streets this December!! The Jamaica Launch rolls out next week… wishing safe travel for the Supreme Team on their way home right now and those still in NYC.

EVERYTHING IS STING for Dec. 2013!!!!