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Ruhr Breeze Sound Presents Nattali Rize X Kumar - Indestructible | The Everlasting Mixtape

02/04/2022 by Reggaeville

Ruhr Breeze Sound Presents Nattali Rize X Kumar - Indestructible | The Everlasting Mixtape

World premiere on Reggaeville on February 7, 2022 - 8pm CET!

For more than 10 years „pon di lawn“, Ruhr Breeze Sound is still one of the youngest Sounds in Germany. With quality concerts, top-level dance lineups and wild juggling nights in the last 10 years, Ruhr Breeze Sound brought quality Reggae Music to the area.

Collaboration is the key, so the Breeze had the honor to bring real legends & talents to town and to play lgs. top-class Sounds from all over the world. Many memorable nights in the past and hopefully many more will follow soon again. The endless love for Reggae & Dancehall Music pushed them to their next project in this time of no dances & events in Germany. One of the youngest sounds in Germany tried to bring back the vibes, where artists and sounds really worked together to represent each other in the best possible way, trough Dubplates and Live performances. DJs and Sounds were the connecting voices between talented artists and the massive and could create an individual way to present their music.

Ruhr Breeze Sound teamed up with the beautiful Reggae Queen of Australia and one of the best living voices in Jamaica and former songwriter and lead singer of Raging Fyah to build a unique Album similar Mixtape with a positive and uplifting message. From start to finish you can hear unique Dubplates, Specials, Blueprints and Tributes to musical legends, who inspired Ruhr Breeze Sound on their journey. Every Dubplate was recorded just only for this Mixtape.

Ruhr Breeze Sound
: „The decisive impulse to make a change should be Indestructible & Everlasting. Pack up these vibes inside your head and try not get lost in this world full of Fear & Dread.

Nattali Rize: „Indestructible has become a favourite song from my latest album, it captures a very real and relevant feeling for me as a musician right now. Despite our entire Music economy being turned upside down, MUSIC still lives and creates doorways and pathways to continue the Mission & Message, no matter what.. Creativity, Art and Music remain INDESTRUCTIBLE.” 

Kumar: „We are all living in a time that none of us alive have ever experienced.Let the sufferers be always strong, as we enter a another week. No time for doubt or fear just move to your passion and dreams,do your best. The most high will do the rest…

01. Kumar - Lion (Acapella Dubplate)
02. Nattali Rize - Intro (Dubplate)
03. Kumar - Trading Places (Dubplate)
04. Nattali Rize & Kumar - Ready Or Not / Judgement Day (Dubplate - Tribute to The Fugees)
05. Kumar - Remember Me (Dubplate - Tribute To Damian Jr. Gong Marley)
06. Kumar - Unforgiven feat. Alborosie
07. Kumar - Everlasting (Dubplate)
08. Nattali Rize - Meditation (Dubplate) [LISTEN HERE]
09. Nattali Rize - Fear & Dread (Dubplate)
10. Kumar - Get Up (Dubplate)
11. Kumar - Cross The Border feat. Justice
12. Kumar ​​​​​​​- Dry Bones (Acapella Dubplate)
13. Kumar ​​​​​​​- Dem Lost (Dubplate)
14. Kumar ​​​​​​​- Brave (Acapella Dubplate)
15. Kumar ​​​​​​​- Bless Me (Dubplate - Tribute to Garnett Silk) [LISTEN HERE​​​​​​​]
16. Kumar ​​​​​​​- Milk & Honey (Dubplate - Tribute to Dennis Brown)
17. Kumar ​​​​​​​- New Weapons (Blueprint Dubplate On Skateland Killer Riddim)
18. Nattali Rize - Warriors (Dubplate Special On Skateland Killer Riddim)
19. Nattali Rize - Natty Rides Again feat. Julian Marley
20. Nattali Rize - Evolutionary feat. Jah9 & Dre Island
21. Kumar ​​​​​​​- Barriers (Dubplate)
22. Nattali Rize & Kumar - Indestructible (Dubplate) [LISTEN HERE]
23. Kumar ​​​​​​​- Truth feat. Kenny Smith
24. Kumar ​​​​​​​- A Change Is Gonna Come (Acapella Dubplate - Tribute to Sam Cooke)
25. Nattali Rize - Generations Will Rize feat. Kabaka Pyramid
26. Nattali Rize - One People (Acoustic Dubplate)
27. Kumar ​​​​​​​- First Love (Dubplate)
28. Nattali Rize & Kumar ​​​​​​​ - Fly Away (Dubplate)
29. Kumar - Far Away / Loyalty (Dubplate)
30. Nattali Rize - Rebel Love feat. Notis & Zuggu Dan
31. Kumar - Give It A Try (Dubplate - Tribute to Vybz Kartel)

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 premieres on February 7, 2022 - 8pm CET: