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Mykal Rose Lights Up With Marijuana

04/17/2023 by Press Release

Mykal Rose Lights Up With Marijuana

Grammy winning and legendary singer Mykal Rose released his latest single Marijuana on Monday April, 17.
The song produced by Producer Ajal, is an ode to the medicinal benefits of consuming marijuana and is being released in time to commemorate 4/20.
4/20 (April 20) has become an international counterculture holiday based on the celebration and consumption of cannabis. Locally, there are events held to highlight the significance of the day.  
As a Rastafarian the use of marijuana, or herb as we rastas call it, is an essential part of our philosophy.  Therefore, we as Rastafari often express ourselves with songs about that, just as I have, to heighten awareness and share the feeling of community that it brings us,” Rose explained.

Scientists have often highlighted the medicinal value of the marijuana plant. Several countries have followed suit in decriminalizing and legalizing its use.
Rose, who scored multiple hits with Black Uhuru (the first Grammy Award winner of the Best Reggae Recording in 1985) shared his thoughts on the medicinal benefits of marijuana: “Well, it is an herb and plants are good for everything. At times it is used to distance my thoughts from the world around me and to re-direct that energy into life itself. It is a practice of meditation into an elevated state of being for me and each time I consume the herb a revelatory thought is reached so that is the beauty and healing of it for me personally,” said Rose.

Rose spoke about working with Producer Ajal on the project: “Working with Producer Ajal was smooth and easy. He has put together a team which feels more like a family to work with. The positive energy helps the process along and the outcome is always the greatest. The relationship has been organic and vibes naturally with Ajal. Nice clean work is getting done and you can definitely expect more projects to follow with him.

Known for the hits Shoot Out, Short Temper, Shine Eye Gal, What is Life, Party Next Door, General Penitentiary and Solidarity, Rose was signed to RCA Records for a short time during his prolific career. Last year, he topped the New York Reggae chart with Glory to Jah.