Most Honourable Edward Seaga ADD

Video-Interview with Edward Seaga

10/17/2012 by Munchy

Video-Interview with Edward Seaga

The upcoming 4CD-Box Reggae Golden Jubilee – Origins of Jamaican Music (50th Anniversary) by VP Records features 100 of the most significant hit songs to emerge from Jamaica over the first fifty years of the country’s independence. Especially the 64-booklet is a must have for every Reggae fan.

The four CDs take the listener from Ska & Rocksteady to roots & dancehall in a roughly chronological order. Edward Seaga, the former Prime Minister of Jamaica is a formidable music fan and historian of Jamaican music. He personally played a key role in the development of the Jamaican music industry and lent his insight and perspective to the creation of this commemorative package. Mr. Seaga selected the tracks, wrote the package liner notes and contributed to track by track notations.

Munchy met Edward Seaga last week in Kingston, Jamaica to get some details about the release: