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Review & Photos: Morgan Heritage in Los Angeles, CA 7/31/2013

08/02/2013 by MaryJane Irie Femind

Review & Photos: Morgan Heritage in Los Angeles, CA 7/31/2013

Morgan Heritage Review @ El Rey Theater in Los Angeles July 31, 2013


It’s been five years since Morgan Heritage's last performance in Los Angeles and for them to come back to the City of Angels to kick off their US tour is an exciting and humbling experience for their fans. The venue they planted their soulful Rasta vibes was the El Rey theatre, which in Spanish means “The Kings”. This was a meant to be type of choice, because their royal presence in the reggae world is the true essence of that. The venue brings a sense of royalty as you walk in with the dim lights gleaming through the entrancing chandeliers above.

As soon as the curtains open for their Los Angeles fans, you see a youthful presence of their 3rd generation Jemere Morgan walk on stage, with a smile brighter then life. He begins to sing a few of his popular hits including Sunshine Glow and his new single Neighbourhood Girl. Women in the crowd seemed very pleased to be in the presence of him and were automatically mesmerized by his smooth romantic stage performance. As a young reggae sensation, he has been given the best-structured musical influence through his talented heritage.

Jemere Morgan, son of Gramps Morgan started his families’ show just right as they all began to come together on stage. Los Angeles fans have been anticipating this for the last five years. You feel the positive energy arise as each member greets the fans with rasta love and positive vibrations. Starting with Peter Peetah Morgan, lead vocals as he begins to introduce the rest of his siblings, with great pride he welcomes his sister the only female in group Una Morgan vocals/keyboardists her beautiful mama presence seems to do her and the rest justice. Now another charm in the group Roy Gramps Morgan vocals/keyboardist has his way with the crowd as his voice dances through the air. Now, here comes the rhythm maker Nakmayah “Lukes” Morgan rhythm guitar. As Luke walks on stage and begins to tune in with the rest of his family, you hear his passion through the strings. Memo also known as Mr.Mojo plays percussion hitting the cymbals and drums like a king. Mojo's debonair audibility of rhythmic melodies is a sure plus that enhances the sound of Morgan Heritage.

Now that they’re together again they have definitely returned for the most righteous and just cause. Spreading reggae music around the world and letting all know who created reggae music. Peetah even asks the crowd this same question. “Who created reggae music?” and the crowds’ response was Bob Marley. A great influence Bob Marley is to Reggae music but Peetah had to give the knowledge he knew best. Reggae music was created in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica where people would make music to heal their own struggles through the faith and words of Haile Selassie I. Also a major influential group that paved the way for reggae music is Toots and the Maytals. They even performed the song Bam Bam an international favorite by “Toots and the Maytals. Peetah made sure to express his love by speaking on behalf of his family about many other well respected artists in the reggae world such as The Great Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Luciano, Anthony B and Buju Banton.

Now all together on stage they kick off the show with a song called The Return from their 2012 EP. This song brings a sense of royalty to the fans and knowing that this is just the beginning to what’s to come in the next hours was fascinating. Through out the show the crowd enjoyed singing along the old tunes such as Don’t Haffi Dread and an all time favorite Down By The River. Also the new tunes from the album Here Come The Kings included the title track as well  Looking For The Roots, Perfect Love Song and Ends Nah Meet. Knowing that the new tunes are not too familiar, you still heard the crowd singing along as Morgan Heritage brought the most irie melodies with captivating, catchy and influential lyrics’ to the front forth.

It’s good to know that they have a very diverse musical background. From Mojo's alternative influence to Una's, Gramps', Lukes' and Peetah's R&B, soul, jazz and hip hop love. Guaranteeing you will be favoring their performances across the nation. Look at it this way, their music only spreads positive messages so give some love and check out their music some way some how. Performances while they’re in your area or buying their music can get you one step closer to what reggae music does for you and that’s bringing all nations together sharing songs of love and peace.


01.    The Return
02.    Here Come The Kings
03.    Don’t Haffi Dread
04.    A Man Is Still A Man
05.    Jah Works
06.    Inna Dem Ting Deh
07.    Hail Rastafari
08.    Liberation
09.    Looking For The Roots
10.    I’m Still The Same
11.    Down By The River
12.    Reggae Bring Back Love
13.    Perfect Love Song
14.    I’m Coming Home
15.    Best Friend
16.    She’s Still Loving Me
17.    Nothing To Smile About
18.    Ends Nah Meet
19. Tell Me How Come