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Morgan Heritage Announce New Album Loyalty

07/12/2019 by Press Release

Morgan Heritage Announce New Album Loyalty

Gramps, Peetah and Mr Mojo are the holy trinity comprising the iconic reggae based, Grammy-winning family band Morgan Heritage. Their brand new album, Loyalty, was created across several continents and completed in unorthodox fashion with the three brothers all in different locations - Mojo in Kenya focussing on the group’s philanthropic efforts, Gramps travelling the world healing people with the Masaya CBD products created by his wife Dr Annabelle Manolo, and Peetah in Miami anchoring the production. This meant utilising technology to bring them together virtually in one studio to orchestrate the finishing touches to their new masterpiece. Loyalty is the trio’s twelfth studio record and is set for release on August 2, 2019 on their CTBC (Cool To Be Conscious) Music Group label in partnership with Membran.

Morgan Heritage are known worldwide for their riveting stage presence and exciting showmanship, so it is no surprise that the Royal Family of Reggae will trek globally from Africa to Europe, North to South America and beyond during 2019 and 2020. Their itinerary not only embodies the group’s global citizenship but is testament to the siblings embrace of unifying cultures that is prominent in their music, with the brothers stating: “The new album showcases the universal state of Reggae and Jamaican music today. Our music is not one dimensional and we’re not loyal to one dimension of the music, rather we’re loyal to our genre.

Personified by an impressive discography with each release displaying the eclectic fusion of sounds that have influenced each member, including Reggae, Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, R&B and Afrobeat, the common thread throughout has been authentic original Reggae. Loyalty can certainly be defined as a globetrotting work of art and offers 16 diverse songs produced by Morgan Heritage with co-production from fellow Grammy award winners such as Jerry Wonda, Jason ‘J-Vibe’ Farmer, Shane Brown and Aston Barrett Jr.

The album also features star studded appearances from African superstars Diamond Platnumz, Stonebwoy and Patoranking, Reggae Rock stars Pepper and Iration, Dancehall sensation Popcaan, plus the voice of Emmy Award winning journalist and broadcaster Jeff Koinange on the album intro track.

Loyalty truly delivers the Morgan Heritage sound that fans recognize as ‘Rockaz’, the outstanding production embracing instrumental breaks that allow individual artists to shine in their own right while still being geared towards further elevating the music. The lyrical prowess of the songs will also captivate listeners, touching on love on All For You, social commentary on The Awakening, relationships on Pay Attention, while also including motivational songs such as The World is Yours. They embrace and pay homage to their African and Jamaican roots with the hard-hitting Africa x Jamaica, while the gentle, acoustic Home is an ode to all travelling parents who work hard for their families and was actually penned on Fathers Day by Mr Mojo and his son Esh.

With a title befitting of this latest offering, Loyalty is a musical journey that adheres and remains faithful to the philosophy of Morgan Heritage, as they explain: "We chose the title because of how loyal we’ve been to the brand Morgan Heritage as a family, a band and group for so many years. Hence the reason we say 'Heritage 4 Life', as well as our loyalty to Reggae music while not being afraid to travel the journey of change through musical evolution.” Albums such as Loyalty are representative of what committed, tasteful artistry is still capable of accomplishing and Morgan Heritage has managed the trick of staying true to their sound while collaborating with other creatives from around the globe and remaining utterly current.

Currently performing at a number of major summer festivals in mainland Europe, Morgan Heritage will tour the UK in autumn 2019.

01. CTBC Radio feat. Jeff Koinange
02. Bedrock
03. The World Is Yours
04. Africa We Seh
05. The Awakening
06. Beach And Country
07. Pay Attention feat. Patoranking
08. Loyalty
09. All For You feat. Midian
10. Give It To Me feat. Popcaan
11. Africa x Jamaica feat. Diamond Platnumz & Stonebwoy
12. Slave And Slave Master
13. Hold On
14. Weekend Greens feat. Iration & Pepper
15. Home feat. Esh Morgan
16. Africa We Seh Continetal Remix feat. J Chameleone, Stonebwoy, Kojo AntwiSamini