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Zion High Productions Announces New Album... Micah Shemaiah - Still

09/24/2021 by Press Release

Zion High Productions Announces New Album... Micah Shemaiah - Still

For more than a decade now, Jamaica's Micah Shemaiah has been crafting his musical message with a keen and steady focus on Rastafari redemption and African unification. His name, which translates as "one who loves and reveres the Almighty", evokes the spirit which imbues his lyrics with a strong emphasis on truth and rights.

Micah Shemaiah's new album, STILL, bubbles with the trademark hardcore roots reggae riddims that underpin the Zion I Kings production sound. Each of eight songs highlight the artist's capacity to soulfully convey his heartfelt songs in a manner that is both intimate and universal. Emotionally passionate and thoughtfully reflective, Micah Shemaiah delivers his message with a real roots inflection that mark him as one of his generation's leading artists.

Along with the core members of the Zion I Kings (David “JAH David” Goldfine, Andrew “Moon” Bain, and Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred), the players of instruments include the late, great Andrew “Drew Keys” Stoch (keyboards & trombone) and Patrick “Aba Ariginal” Tenyue (trumpet). Also featured are Pau “Nattykeyz” Dangla Valls (keyboards) and Sheldon “ATiiBA” Bernard (flute), with drummers Carl “Carlalou1drop” Benjamin, Lloyd “Junior” Richards, Aston Barrett Jr., and Jonathan “Rankine Jedd” Rankine sharing the duties. Background vocals are contributed by the Mighty Diamonds and Dalton Brownie (Rise In Power). 

Add four dubs to the track list and STILL emerges as one of the 2021's top roots and culture albums designed for years of listening pleasure to come.

is scheduled for a release on October 29th as Vinyl and on all digitial outlets via the Zion High Productions label. The first single NATURAL MAN (pre-order here) will be out October 1st, accompanied by a Reggaeville video premiere. Check the premiere below for a short snippet.

01. Spiritual
02. Angels In Zion
03. Angels In Zion Dub
04. House of Cards
05. Natural Man
06. Natural Man Dub
07. Still
08. Space and Time
09. Wicked Babylon
10. Wicked Babylon Dub
11. Roots Rock Sound
12. Roots Rock Sound Dub