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Memoria's Inti Releases Debut Single 'Dem Do Wrong'

12/17/2021 by Press Release

Memoria's Inti Releases Debut Single 'Dem Do Wrong'

BuffBaff Records are excited to present Inti’s debut statement as a solo artist. A brave and politically-charged single, Dem Do Wrong calls for human solidarity in the face of racist, corrupt and exploitative structures that still dominate our world. It offers a “helping hand”, and a message of hope.

Best known as lead singer of Memoria, 25-year-old Inti grew up in a family of musicians, travelling between Peru and Germany. He founded Memoria (originally ReggaeRockers), alongside his younger brother, when he was only 12. The band caused a stir in 2017 with its debut EP, Startline, and is still going strong. Dem Do Wrong is the first single from Inti’s debut album, to be released next year, and shows him to be a powerful new voice in music. He created the song in response to a BuffBuff TV livestream, and a subsequent Instagram post brought this creatively independent young artist together with the label BuffBaff Records. The single is out today on all digitial outlets and Reggaeville premiered the accompanied video [watch here].

Produced by BuffBaff Records
Lyrics: Inti Manuel Ayvar Waltz

Lead Vocals: Inti

Backing Vocals:
Chaski Simon Ayvar Waltz
Emil Lorenz
Alma Sofie Blanco Zikeli
Eva Luna Blanco Zikeli

Guitars: Florian ‘Stahl’ Münzer
Keys: Frank ‘Pollensi’ Pollak
Drums: Giuseppe ‘Big Finga’ Coppola
Bass: Fabian ‘Odi’ Zepezauer
Riddim mixed by Giuseppe ‘Big Finga’ Coppola
Vocals mixed by Frank ‘Pollensi’ Pollak
Recording Engineer: Aldubb
Mastered by: Steve Ganjaman

Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Planet Earth Studios, Berlin.

Vocals recorded @ Bombshelter Studio, Cologne.

Video by Mirko Polo

Coverart by Chaski Simon Ayvar Waltz