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Jamaram - Freedom of Screech

Jamaram - Freedom of Screech

DIGITAL RELEASE [Turban Records]

Release date: 03/24/2017


01. Back in a Day
02. Worlds Apart
03. Why Trouble feat. Conscious Fiyah
04. Off My Lawn
05. Test It
06. Spread Some Love feat. Conscious Fiyah
07. Nice (Umberto Echo Remix)
08. Easy Life
09. Honey Bee feat. Ami
10. Like a Rock
11. We Got the Groove
12. Never Ever feat. Tariro neGitare
13. Pa Mi Gente feat. Caramelo
14. Fine Fine Fine feat. Passafire
15. Girlfriend
16. Cross the Line feat. Mellow Mark (Analogbasscamp Mix)

Featured artists

Umberto Echo / Mellow Mark


Music life makes her nervous, and who can blame her? More than 100 shows a year, just the Freedom of Screech tour alone means over 40 shows… and she’s left with the “kids and a messy” home… no wonder she decides to live with the postman.

That, in a ...

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