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The High Note Dancehall Collection

The High Note Dancehall Collection

2CD [Doctor Bird]

Release date: 02/12/2021


01. Bobby Ellis & The Revolutionaries - Stormy Weather  (12” MIX)*
02.  Archie & Lyn - Rat In The Centre
03. Errol Scorcher - Tan Tudy
04. Jah Thomas - Come Nurse
05. Carl & Gibby - Road Block
06. Papa Ritchie - Phantom In The Jungle
07. Ranchie McLean - Tommy
08. Errol Scorcher - Roach In The Corner  (12” MIX)
09. Ansle Collins - Bim
10. Enest Wilson - Give The People What They Want
11. Michael Palmer
12. Jah Thomas - Road Code
13. Tony Tuff - Round The World  (12” MIX)*
14. Papa Ritchie - Annie Palmer  (12” MIX)*
15. Errol Scorcher - Water Bumpee
16. Sonya Spence - Talk Love  (12” MIX)*

01. Bobby Ellis & Ranking Joe - Shank I Sheck Eye Gal  (12” MIX)*
02. Errol Scorcher - Sounds Of Hon. Marley
03. Lee Van Cleef - Different Fashion
04. Zara - Financial Problem
05. Tony Tuff - Oppresser
06. The Enchanters - Whole Lot Of Loving
07. Jah Thomas - A Little Bit Of Love
08. Errol Scorcher - Rucumbine Girl  (12” MIX)*
09. Marcia Griffiths - Don't Ever Leave*
10. Gladstone Anderson & The Star Band - Free Base
11. Papa Ritchie - Westmooreland Flood
12. Delroy Wilson - Let's Unite  (12” MIX)*
13. Errol Scorcher - Peace Truce
14. Tony Tuff - Little Miss Mary  (12” MIX)*
15. Ranking Joe - General
16. Lorna Bennett - It's My House  (12” MIX)
17. Jah Thomas - Tell Me The Truth* 

* Previously unreleased

By the time the strident sound of original dancehall came to dominate the Jamaican music scene at the close of the Seventies, Sonia Pottinger had long been established as one of the island’s most influential figures. Since first making her mark as a producer of note in the mid-Sixties, she had remained at the forefront of the fiercely competitive industry, effortlessly adapting to changing musical styles.

Her ability to keep her finger firmly on the musical pulse is impressively reflected with this set, which gathers the very best of her output during the golden age of dancehall. Included on this essential collection are popular works by some of Jamaica’s finest talents of the era, with the island’s top sessions crews, the Revolutionaries and the Roots Radics the chief musical accompanists.

Yet despite the high quality of all of the recordings, every recording on this compilation appears on CD for the very first time, with 11 of the 33 tracks previously unreleased!

Featured artists

Marcia Griffiths / Ranking Joe