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'Reggae My Life Is' by Copeland Forbes out in January 2023

10/17/2022 by Reggaeville

'Reggae My Life Is' by Copeland Forbes out in January 2023

"The most anticipated..." - a phrase that's been used a million times but never has been more correct than in the case of Copeland Forbes' upcoming book Reggae My Life Is, which is easily the "most important book" in Reggae music ever.  After 10 years of waiting, finally a release date has been confirmed for the most anticipated  book in Reggae music: December 6, 2022! UPDATED RELEASE DATE: January 24, 2023!

Reggae My Life Is is the first release by Downsound Books owned by Josef Bogdanovich (CEO of Downsound Entertainment, Reggae Sumfest). Back in January 2021 Bogdanovich told the Jamaica Observer: "Downsound is in the business of content delivery and investing in a book publishing operation is consistent with that strategic objective. Book publishing is largely about storytelling which has considerable commercial and cultural implications. We have always been fascinated with the promotion of Jamaican culture and we see this venture as another way of achieving this objective."

For the worldwide release, Downsound Books teamed up with Los Angeles-based Rare Bird Books, a PGW-distributed (Publishers Group West) independent publisher of approximately fifty+ books each year. 

Reggae My Life Is (314-pages) is now available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the book from the official synopsis:
"Copeland Forbes is one of the most consequential figures in the history of modern Jamaican music. Through his roles as personal and tour manager for some of the most iconic personalities in music, Forbes has been a witness to and a participant in some of the most intriguing dramas in the annals of modern popular music. 

Forbes is a much sought after speaking at music symposia and seminars across the world where his name is often a prime attraction and his vast knowledge a source of enlightenment and entertainment. 

Forbes has copped numerous awards for his outstanding contribution to the music industry including the Order of Distinction from the Government of Jamaica in 2017. 

In Reggae My Life Is, Forbes provides riveting accounts of incidents and colorful portraits of personalities that have helped to shape our society and our culture. It is a matter of easy concession that Forbes has led an exciting life. He has seen so many places and has made so many things happen during the 60 years he was entrusted with handling the affairs of some of the most celebrated figures ever to grace our planet. 

Among some of the fascinating figures making appearances in Forbes’ retrospective Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Jimmy Cliff, Bunny Wailer. Rita Marley, Frankie Crocker, Danny Sims, Marcia Griffiths, Gregory Issacs, Chris Blackwell, Mick Jagger, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Don Taylor, Sly and Robbie, Grace Jones and Don King. 

Forbes, with his prodigious recall, is able to situate some of the more seminal moments in the history of Jamaican music with clarity and humor. His knowledge of venues, dates and personalities is encyclopedic. Yet Forbes’ intention is not to provide fodder for the gossip mill. His aim is, instead, to clarify and contextualize in order to provide important lessons for those who seek to learn from art and life." 

In August 2022 Copeland Forbes launched the book at the Rototom Sunsplash - Reggae University 2022. Watch it below: