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The Official Lee Scratch Perry Statue


The Official Lee Scratch Perry Statue

In 2012 Lee Scratch Perry got a toy figurine treatment by Presspop Inc based in Japan. An amazing doll, limited to 1000 copies, which sold out within a short time. [read the news here - April 2012]

Now Presspop announced a second doll of Perry - a statue. It's a nice piece of art and surely a must-have for many Lee Perry fans, but it will hardly reach the cult status like the previous doll.

The statue will be available October 10th and is now ready for pre-order right now @ PRESS-POP.com


Official press release:
“Through divine revelation, riding on a yellow tractor” the Lee Perry Statue will make its grand entrance on earth!
The official statue of Lee “Scratch” Perry, king of Dub music and true originator!

Presspop’s second collaboration with the “Upsetter” is a very special statue, sculpted by master sculptor, Tomohiro Yasui and produced completely in JAPAN by Japanese soft-vinyl craftsmen. A product of highest quality carrying the spirit of Japanese soft-vinyl making.
Once again, artist Archer Prewitt has perfectly captured the true essence of Mr.Perry in his younger years, doing his thing in The Black Ark studio. There is also beautiful sculpting work on the back side of him dancing.